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From Conned To Confident!

ConfidanteCoach, Nicole Spooner

“Where’s my momma?” asked the little girl on the Greyhound bus sitting on her grandmother’s lap on her way from San Francisco, CA to North Little Rock, AR. Left in the hands of her Great-Aunt Mae at the tender age of 2, because her mother and father did not want her. Nicole would soon find herself living with her maternal grandmother, Annie, in North Little Rock, Arkansas until the age of 15. At the age of 15 she moved to San Leandro, CA with her father, whom she barely knew. Growing up in Arkansas and California Nicole dealt with abandonment, rejection, molestation; emotional, physical, and verbal abuse. All these things had a negative impact on Nicole’s life so much so she did not feel valuable or worthy of love.

Nevertheless, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, God's Word, Therapy, and Wise Counsel from Friends, Nicole was able to triumph over her trauma dominating her life. She was also able to overcome her trauma by coming out of agreement with the generational curse that says "What goes on in my house stays in my house."  

She knows firsthand that to fully be the woman that God created you to be, you have to break the generational curse of keeping the trauma you experienced bottled up on the inside of you.

You Gotta Vent To Live!

Conned To Confident Is Her Testimony!

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